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A division of Northstar Travel Media, the No. 1 B2B travel media company in the world, Intelliguide Corporate is a service you can trust. It provides essential transportation, health, weather and security updates on a global platform for Risk Management, Procurement and Human Resource Managers. Intelliguide Corporate provides the essential destination and security information your clients need every time they travel.


Keep yourself informed and save yourself time with these essential pieces of information:

  • Destination reports geared toward the corporate travel market
  • News briefs updated 24/7
  • Visa and passport information
  • Worldwide risk assessments and security information
  • Etiquette information for worldwide business travelers
  • And much more


Provide your travelers with breaking news and travel alerts, gathered by our worldwide staff of news editors. Arm your travelers with critical information regarding news that impacts travel, while the events are unfolding.

Set your filters to concentrate on one area of the world or one type of event, or do not use the filters and receive alerts on all subjects and areas.


Automate the GoAlert24 process, so that your travelers automatically receive reports and alerts based on the destinations and dates contained in their PNRs.

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